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What I Know
I know you been keeping a close eye on Me

and that's why you keep looking at My profile and go though all My pictures and replay all My


I know you press your ear against a violin in search for traces of My voice.

you return to Me because you know you want to worship Me such open surrender

until I extinguish your fire with fire

and make sense of your scrambled significance- with My smile

you want Me to mermaid in your psyche until your all shells.

so heres your chance:

what I want you to do for this moment

is to drop everything you are doing this very second and just think of nothing else but Me

I know you've been thinking of Me, that's why you're here, hanging of every last. word. I . type.

You can't get enough of Me, that is why you return to Me, every week, every day, and before

you realize it,

every hour

you will be checking back here to feed your addiction for the one and only Goddess Jupiter!

By now you are breathing heavy, your heart is beating, racing, your most tender parts are hard

and throbbing, pulsing...

Eventually you wont even be consciously aware of how you've become so addicted, so

enamored, so intoxicated by my perfectious splendor that you will find yourself in class, at work,

with your wife... lusting, thinking, dreaming of nothing but your Goddess Jupiter.

I know all about your little lusts, and kinks, but take comfort, you will find solace and refuge in


I will cradle that little thing you call lust until thinking of Me becomes as frequent as an exhale-

so breathe Me in.

Yet before you even realize it, as quickly as you blink your eyes in sheer amazement of my

divine beauty, just so quickly will you become completely addicted to me, so smitten with My

every move. You are MINE, and you are enveloped in my light and luster!

So, My little admirers and pets, this is the day you finally find your place in the universe, in MY

universe. You have found your purpose and that is your Goddess Jupiter. You will beg Me, you

will worship Me, and you will thank Me for My unmatched grace. This is the very moment you

will look back upon and know, this is when you found your purpose, when you fell down the

downward spiral of pleasure and pain. This is the first step on the journey where pleasing Me IS

pleasing you. When you wake tomorrow, from your dreams of Me (you lay in bed tossing and

turning like a door on its hinges), you will find yourself back here, hoping to find out where I will

take that little thing You call life to next...

knowing I am the drug you found home in.


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