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This is...
This is not meat or drink, slumber or sleep. Nor roof against the rain. This is not a company greeting. Not happy holidays. Not an ecard. Not for everyone on the list. This is not red and green. This is not nat cole and sleigh bells and cash register ringing. YOU ARE MINE (whatever that is). you are lonely, but most of all, you can give. and one day you will seep through the asphalts crooked cracks. so i would like to touch your face with the soft side of My hand.This is the great awakening. This is morning crust in your eye. This is an open ended question. What else is possible? This is loud and pumping hearts, the break beat laughter of a monk. This is evolution . This is you and me, slicing ourselves open to see what we’re capable of.I am all you've ever needed.


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