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wow! how long has it been since Ive had a proper update! oh my! time to catch up!
there has been so much going on since my birthday which was keeping my from staying on here long enough to post something on here for you voyers ;)

Ill start from my birthday then the further you scroll down the more current this post will be :)

the weekend after My birthday, I went to the fall annual artwalk at the brewery! this is something that I look forward to every year! such a well worth thing to do! this thing takes place at an abandoned brewery that was reopened as an art colony decades later. this place was wonderful! every room open to Me to buy art directly from the homes of the artistthe art colony also has a beer garden which was real nice to relax and talk to some of the like-minded.  I bought some jewlery, including, a charm braclette made by mexican tarot cards. so love it! :)

in an effort to end the last of My birthday celebrations right, I ended up seeing adam carolla do his podcast live! it was sooooo much fun! the only thing I wasnt in favor is that it was at the jon lovits comedy club in universal citywalk. the vibe there is so ultra commercial and tasteless. I was able to deal with it long enough to get to inside of the club and enjoy Myself. this is something I can really see Myself doing on the regular! for reals! what a fun thing to do on My thursday night!

I wanted to take a quick second to tell you about a guy that would just not leave Me alone at starbucks in beverly hills! I was just having My morning coffee and trying out the cheese plate for the first time and this guy would just keep starring at Me! I wasnt sure if he recognized Me from My journal or online profile but it was just so out of hand and distracting, it made Me feel uncomfortable. 20 minutes after I took this pic and he kept up his poor behavior, I had him escorted out of the cafe. big thanx to starbucks staff!

brought water to the Occupy LA protesters. they just so happened to run out of water that exact moment. funny how this lady put her hands on my head and said my energy core is connected to the source of peace. :P
this was a tiny step and gesture on My part but it bloomed in to something far more.

one week later, I was putting together a small charity effort together in order to solve a problem only I thought I could see. when I was there the week before, I saw that there were so many dogs there without actual dog food. so I asked My subs to donate money to get ALL the dogs at the occupy la camp what they needed. with the subs tributes, I was able to get 2 days of water, one week of food, a collar, a leash, a water bowl, a food bowl, a bag or treats, and a handful of doggie bags.  FOR 30 DOGS!!! that means ALL the dogs in the entire camp!

everyone was so happy to get all the goodies for their dogs since their dogs were just eating compost off of paper plates. it felt really good to give back to the cause too! 

holloween was so much fun! I I got tickets to the kcrw party. I had a really sexy ring leader costume last year so this year I did something completely opposite. I just wanted something silly. in My best most accurate tip of the hat to My los angeles roots, I dressed up as a chola! the funny thing was that the kcrw was being hosted in mac aurther park so with My chola look I just blended in with the rest of the neighborhood lol. really loved rocking out in the ballroom to henry rollins and watching the bronx perform in marriachi style and last but not least watching dengue fever!

last year

this year

heres more pics from the kcrw holloween party


I went to go see the los angeles chamber again for bachs birthday! so much fun to celebrate every year! being a violinist for 12 years, I love to sit and watch the best and brightest musicians of our time play the music of a genius of all time! sadly, I didnt get to see My favorite song being performed that night which is partida in D, but I did get to see similar baroque era sonatas. :)

heres My favorite bach piece

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

so I had 2 really hot real time sessions I can think about right now that stuck out for Me this winter. the first one was my little perv at law from so cal who drove up 3 hours to see Me in downtown. first we saw a movie, then we had dinner at nokia live at My favorite place there called Katsuya. I had so many different kinds of sushi- all put on his black card, of course. My top recommends there are the rock shrimp sushi and the chicken salad with plum sauce! yum! afterwards, we had drinks at the marriott. there something about that place that makes Me feel like Im in vegas. lol

the thing that I get excited about every year came by... the los angeles auto expo!!!
holy christ almighty! so many cars and not enough time! its kinda hard being a girl and knowing more than most of the boys do about cars so most of the year I just feel like Im talking to a bunch of confused faces. not la auto expo day! there is so much to be excited about this particular day. I mean, if you hate the whole idea at looking at a buncha cars, theres so much technological innovation for green energy. not to mention, the girls! I had the chance to chat up a morgan girl about how cute her outift was paired with her shiney knee high white gogo boots. the thing I was wild about is that the green energy is amazing but takes up so much of the innovation factor of the cars and I felt almost as if it can cheapen the event itself. I really liked seeing the mc claren, austin martins, and audis. yes there were porches, but Im all about understated beauty and charm. although I can appreciate the engineering that went in to lambos, mazarati, and porches but I find them to be too brash. the most amusing junk food section of the whole thing is the mods in the basement. tacky, tasteless, but executed with so much passion! I cant help but laugh at the awesomeness of the flashy lowriders with 8 screens in the trunk for no reason or the cheap looking models that look like they just got off the pole somewhere in van nuys. pretty amazing stuff!

one of My subs really took good care of Me recently by giving Me 700$ plus the keys to his loft for a week, his netflix account, use of his land rover, and his la bites account! wow! what a week! he was in pittsburg and new york since he owns his own business. I felt like sucha princess! so great! I I had the yummiest meals every day, while watching great movies, I hosted 2 parties and my best friends came over, I even had a slave some over to clean the house after the party while I slept! :) oh and the view... killer! another nice touch was the roof top steam room/dry sauna/ and jacuzzi! and yes, I did wear his tshirts to sleep. I kept one of them though. oh and he said he still hasnt washed the sheets. lol another nice thing he did was when he came back, he took Me across the street to mortons to talk about his trip with Me. the dinner ended up being about 700$ - apparently thats how much it takes to have the best steak of your life! and the 300$ wine wasnt half bad either!

last but not least it was My best friend since the 6th grades birthday! Ill let the photos speak for themselves.

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so many cute pics of you! I love the last one! dude seriously? a $300 bottle of wine? what was it? I love reading your posts! keep 'em coming!

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