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just thought Id add a little letter I received yesterday from a sub that made a dumb move in trying to leave Me. that leave totaled 30 minutes before he was back begging to tribute. now I call this a dumb move because when subs do something like that, I don't try to convince them to stay, I let them fall. why? because subs that are not smart enough to know whats good for them shouldn't be My potential slave, that's why.
that being said, heres the letter and it really made Me proud of him. enjoy.
Miss Jupiter,
i created this new yahoo in order to remove myself from that old one that has all the distractions and past mistakes.
You asked me to right what it is feeling like to begin my service to You.
When You presented the reality of You removing Yourself from my life with no chance of being a part of it an intense panic overcame me and i finally realized how real and meaningful my attraction to Your power is within me.  At that moment i just could not let that happen and i had to take action and therefore sent tribute and started confessing my stupidity of trying to resist my natural place under You.  It felt amazing to give You the money You definitely deserve.  As i was chatting with You i just kept feeling myself overcome with heart racing and the feeling You were entering my blood and coursing through me.  i read Your latest poem and it was speaking right to me as it clearly pierced my feelings that being apart from You is an aching misery.
You have a high intelligence level combined with amazing creativity and i am spell bound by Your words as much as Your obvious beauty.  Your smile and eyes captured my body and mind immediately last night and i felt my place at Your feet.  i love how You in just a night shirt and no makeup can stir me in more powerful ways than any cam girl all made up :)
 i need Your guidance and control as i know this world is Yours and i have a place in it if i can only be obedient and vulnerable to what You have planned for me.  i want to be a source of happiness, fun, and comfort to You as we build a real and meaningful bond that most can only dream about.
i can't wait to learn as much as i can about You and Your tastes, likes and all while sharing and opening myself up like never before.
Thank You so much for giving me the little push last night!
heres some clips from when I was on video chat with him. playing with a Paul Smith bunny that another slave got for Me while My stay in london.


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