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let Me tell you about you.

You offer Me your seat.

Ill show you the sun and fire.

You want to walk and run to My latitude.

You want to search and find Me alone.

You want to caress Me to sleep and

Ill dream for the both of U/us.

You want to share your secrets and sighs.

you want to learn to understand the world with Me.

I know...

It's not easy being so far away from Me

Because I cause a stir in you.

I curl your skin

Every part of My being

will nourish your own good

you can share your life with Me.

Again you breathe

And you start to shiver

Every step you take

Affirms your love

I know

you want to sleep in my eyes

seeking to shed your voice for My ears

find Me wings 

so I can fly

but one thing you must say

It's not easy being so far away from Me

because I make you happy.

now, smile.


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