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its here! the most wonderful time of the year! My BIRTHDAY!!! its practically a one month celebration! its not My fault. it just naturally happends. everyone wants their own weekend with Me so that they can take Me out to get wildly drunk and celebrate the day of My existence! so this is how it went (starting from most recent)! last weekend had to have been My favorite! I organized a dinner for My closet friends to meet Me in long beach at one of My favorite places to get greek food called Ambrosia! there was such good champange and pita with lamb and hummus! yummy! I love My girls! they are so snobby! I dont even think they realize how bitchy they are until I ask them if they left their bitch filter at home. :D after dinner the waitress asked if there was anything w/we had in mind for desert. one of My friends said "can  she get some complimentary baklava?" the waitress asked "well do you have the free baklava yelp coupon?" My other friend snapped "No. we dont do coupons but todays her birthday so Im sure you can run back to the register and make it a coupon." hahaha poor waitress.

after that, we headed down to the Bliss Spa for My pedicure party! :) very excited about this! what a great idea that was! since we had baklava, we ended up cutting it close to the pedicure party. the receptionist saw all of us walking through the door and said "ahhhh you must be the pedicure party! since you guys were really really late we had to have some of the manicurist take care of walk ins so youre going to have to wait." she obviously didnt have any clue who I or my friends were but we let her know fast. now, if youve met Me, youd know that I dont yell. I dont think I should ever be in a situation where i have to raise My voice. now I said I dont raise My voice, but I never said My friends wouldnt raise their own voices for Me. since their bitch filter was off, once of My girls decided it was a really good time to have a little debate with the receptionist (who probably spend a good 15 minutes crying over her masters degree in the morning). so this is how the yelling match went:
friend: well we were like 10 minutes late so I dont think that was really REALLY late.
receptionist: well actually you were about 20 minutes late.

friend: well its not like Im employed here. this is a spa, a place to relax on our day off so I dont think that 20 minutes is really really late.

receptionist: well you guys are going to have to wait until we can get a few extra manicurist.

friend #2: how long exactly?

receptionist: about 10 minutes.

friend #3: well if twenty minutes is a really REALLY long time. than I guess waiting ten minutes mean that we have to wait a REALLY long time.

friend #4 or we can go across the street and not wait at all. Im sure theyd be glad to take a whole pedicure party group.

receptionist: no that wont be necessary I think theyre finishing up right now.

thats when the manager came by and apologized and jokingly said "dont worry, the receptionist wont be touching your nails." and quickly sat us down. :) 
 heres a pic of Me and My besties matching pedicures! *Im on the bottom left*

After the pedicures, we had to get some cute outfits to match our new pedicures!  Got more than just the cute outfit. decided why stop at one dress? so I got 3! hours went by and it quickly became night time. we headed to a screening called Queer Porn Film Fest! it was super hot! we got to see 2 hours of different porn scenes including transgender people having sex and guys with really small cocks putting on strap-ons then fuck gay guys in the ass. some bondage... you know the usual ;P

once our nails dried, we quickly headed towards the Queer Porn after party near by and the host of the bar bought Me a drink in honor of My birthday! :) Im sure she would have had no problem charging Me but she knew better than that! we ran in to some mutual friends fro a booze cruise I went to last year and exchanged info and caught up on each others lives.

4 glasses of white wine later, we realized that we were way to drunk to drive and then decided that we would watch disney films and have a slumber party. so as soon as the taxi dropped us off at My friends apartment, she gave Me some PJs to wiggle in to and watched the jungle book until we fell asleep. the sent of pancakes woke Me up in the morning! yum1 pancakes with crushed walnuts! My favorite! all and all, a wonderful night!


I came home to some cute cards and gifts. My top 3 are from matt, RL, and stalker#1

wow the year goes by so fast! within this year I have come to know so many of you subbies that have given and continue to give me so many great memories and for that I am greatful! I dont know if any of you slaves that serve Me ever realize that in the morning when I log in to My yahoo and email and see a tribute, a purchased gift, or an offline message about how you are adoring My pictures or reading My blog - does it ever come across your mind that My first early morning smiles and thoughts is a result of your continued worship? I love the impact you make on My life and the impact I make on your life in return. its such a magnificent little system.

Last week blake thought it would be fun to have a little of our favorite play time together at his home in the hollywood hills! this place has a wonderful view of universal studios! plus he makes an amazing cocktail he named after Me. I showed up late at night and he had all My favorite tools already at his place. A minitorch, 4 different kinds of lighters, a pack of ciggs, hand santizer, rubbing alcohol, whiskey, lighter fluid, birthday candles, toilette paper, popsicle sticks, and rope. we had some drinks and had a long chat about how My plans with schools are going and how some of My friends he met are, and he told Me about his recent trips and work. after about an hour I ordered him to undress. I tied him to the bed, and lit his balls on fire. litterally. for an hour. My favorite thing was using a mini torch on him and hand sanatizer. it burns very nicely. not too wild and it lingers without running all over the way lighter fluid does. I also took a large cock ring to him and filled the gap with birthday candles until it was snugg and lit up the candles and made him sing happy birthday to Me. sometimes its really fun to blind told him so that he can trust Me more. hes one of My favorites because the energy between us is highly sensual and theres this mutual respect between us which braids a lovely bond.
as an extra goody to My bday gift, he gave Me a bit extra tribute and I left his place with My mind in such a buzz and 500$.

Miss Petra Jade gave Me a wonderful gift for My birthday. since she has her own day spa that she runs called Angle Face, she decided to give Me a complimentary facial, personally!

I spent a thursday night with one of My subs who drives all the way from san diego to see Me. He took Me to Mi Piazzo in Old Town Pasadena and had drinks at a near by bar. I entertained him with silly stories and then we went to his hotel which was practically across the street and had a little age play fun. hes such a naughty little boy that cant keep his hands off his daddys playboys. tisk tisk! he had work in the morning so we ended the night early and I was home by 11pm in My pajamas dreaming naughtiness with 400 in My wallet.

on the day of My birthday, I went to the hellokitty dodger day! what can be better than a day of hello kitty and getting drunk in the afternoon? nothing! hee hee :) the best thing was that I got a hello kitty crown, a hellokitty plush dressed as a Dodger player and a dodger jersey! 

I spent the rest of the week watching My very favorite adam carolla show live and  saw the decemberist perform at the greek theater and indulged in My roots at the fillipino festival.

I wanted to take a moment to mention a sub of mind who has been misbehaving. this boy signed up for blackmail about a year ago. typically he behaves well then suddenly takes off and then comes back in a few weeks. well he did that again and it just hit My nerves the wrong way. since I had all his blackmail information I figured why not make use of it! :) this is he has a bit of a foot fetish. he also likes to be forced to wear his girlfriends undies and bra while fucking himself on cam. his real name is XXXXXXX XXXXXX. his email is his address is XXXX XXXXXX-XXXXX, XX XXXXX- United States.
heres some pics of him :

now XXXXXXX, you see Im serious now? yes, this does show up on google. go google you name and see for yourself. see that Im not fucking around? thought so.

now back to the rest of My life. the end of My summer was so much fun! it was like a massive art binge! A sub of mine got Me a black card membership to cinefamily in order to make sure I get My fix of vintage cinema! My most recent binge was on gainsbourgs french pop films he made in the 60s. I remember a man told Me years ago that he thought I looked similar to bridget bardot. I didnt agree with him until I saw this clip.
*click click*

I took some time to go to LACMA to check out the Tim Burton Exhibit! it was amazing! I went on a members invite only day because I heard it was really crowded. tim burton saved every single thing since he could put a pen to paper. It was  intersting to see some major transformations in his style yet still having some consistent themes. it was also fascinating to see that even a genius like tim burton still had to face rejection and bust his ass for ten years before really establishing himself in the film industry. I was unable to take pics inside but I did take pics outside of the exhibit.

My second favorite exhibit I saw durring the summer was the MOCA street art exhibit! it felt like I was in a completely other world.

the end of summer means the last of cinespia until april. awww Im gonna miss it! I saw psycho, It happened one night and spinal tap. its also a fun place to take silly pics!

My other 2 highlights of the end of summer is My night at the hollywood bowl watching some amazing spanish guitarist accompanied by the los angeles phil harmonic! I dont think Ive ever sat so close! there was also an amazing fire work show too. and the cherry on top was that Matt bought Me the pokadot dress I wore to the show. Ill try to get a pic of it up on here asap!
last but not least!  the orange county fair was also pretty amazing! I got to feed goats and ride elephants and of course, try all the crazy fried food they have. no, I didnt have the fried butter but I did have the fried avocado and ribs. the funny part was that with all the crazy variety of fried food, the best thing there was the rosted corn! so yummy I had 2 of them! :)
NOM NOM NOM! I also watched a pie eating contest and tractor pulling. I was really sad to see the meat rabbits :( no one should eat rabbits. Im not against eating meat. Im just against eating adorable animals. rabbits are too adorable.


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