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there has been lots of play amiss! things have felt like... magic! 
I met a real time slave who came to My beach house with Me for a private not so average play day. we went to the pier and played in what I like to call the worlds creepiest arcade. I beat him at every game- unless he was just smart and let Me win- lol. we went to a restaurant that was on the pier where I ordered for him a modestly priced dish and I got the mutha fuckin surf AND turf!!! :P dont worry I fed him some yummies off of My plate. :) the high point of the night for Me was when we went to watch the sunset and I burried him in the sand all the way down to his neck and left him there to get Myself a churro. then I came back, I told him I got him one too but put pieces of the churro on and around his head and watched the seagulls have their way with him while I laughed. I can be so wicked some times!  then after that we went to a bar on the opposite end of the pier so he could watch Me sing at the open mic night! felt really bluesy that night so I was singing so much addel. tired from the whole day I invited him back to the beach house for some down time. we watched movies and I had him make Me a bubble bath and scrub Me down then dry Me off. after that he thought he was ready to go home. to his surprise I told him that was not the case. he was to sleep in the balcony of the beach house until the morning. he seemed a bit nervous and full of needless questions like "what if I need to go to the bathroom?" silly boy. hold it! hahaha the next morning I found him already awake and ready to be let in. before he left I made sure that he massaged My Lush milk and honey bar in to My shoulders, thighs, legs and feet. I also made a checklist with house chores for him which included making Me an spinach omlette and chopped fruit shaped in to hearts. once he left with the biggest smile on his face, I had a clean house, body feeling good, and a yummy breakfast. oh and I forgot to mention... $5000- My biggest tribute yet!
*more photos of the tribute on My twitter acct.
I decided after driving My car for sometime that it was not for Me. plus I had some concerns that if the car rolled over I would be screwed. I was practically an ant on the road compared to all the sedans and SUVs on the 405. so I traded in My car for a newer one. 
this feels so perfect!

Ive only in this pass week actually had time to enjoy My new car because I was in the wonderful chicago! I didnt really have very many plans as far as what I would do but I wasnt afraid! I had the 5k to slurge on and beautiful loft that was all for Me for the next 5 days!
the first night I went to have sushi and a raw fish boat and spent the day relaxing! it was soooo yummy! my favorite place I went was for drinks at the violet hour which is a speak easy! I jokingly told the waiter that I didnt know they relocated the set of twilight in the heart of chicago! I continued the rest of the night with a burlesque show. the day after was soooo hot but I thought Id check out the bean and also check out the very raunchy chicago sketch group called dirty sanchez. reminded Me of some stuff I see in LA so it was very enjoyable. I had to go to bed early to be ready in the morning for my architectural boat tour! that had to be the best learning experience ever! I ended the night with watching the green mills slam poetry tournament and the famous chicago dogs at wiener circle! so hilarous there because the lady at the counter forced this random guy to pay for My meal because he was standing next to Me. she told him "dont be a broke ass mutha fucka if you gonna be standin next to pretty bitches. so hurry the fuck up and pay already because its fuckin hot in here!" needless to say I got the full weiner circle experience! 
here are some pics from My trip!
the living room of My loft!
soaked at millennium park!
outside the bean!
inside the bean!
at the architectural boat tour! ahoy!
*more on My twitter!
since Ive been back, I went with My girlfriend to footnight! we were so busy making out, I didnt really have time to do much of anything else. I did however while there meet up with a person who has booked Me to lecture a BDSM orientation with a PHD psycologist to discuss kink on the brain! ahhhh like My dream to take kink to a professional educational level! 
I lived out one thing I always dreamed of making happen was spending the night at a subs place while they were gone and using it as My own. this was a USC grad sub who was out on vacation in new york (durring the terrible heat wave!) while he was enduring the unbearable heat I was in his house having friends over and taking long bubble baths- even using his t-shirts as My PJS!  it was absolutely wonderful. and when he got home, he loved to see traces of Me all over the house. the lipstick on the mug. his clothes I lounged in durring the night that smell like Me. his bed I left unmade from sleeping there. it was a gorgeous loft with the best view of downtown los angeles. if only things this lovely would happen more often. it felt so good just being in his space and making it mine. I even rearranged the furniture! 

 I just saw the wonderful carla morrison perform her romantic spanish love ballads last week. I also went dancing salsa and the thing I was looking forward to this month was the screening of it happend one night at cinespia! I love watching Clark get bossy! and the dialogue is oh so clever!
it wouldnt have been the best summer without a trip to LACMA to look at the Tim Burton exhibit! what an amazing thing to see! it was almost as if Burton knew his entire life knew he was going to be famous someday because that guy saved every fucking thing he drew since he was 5 years old! there was also a genuis screening of The Clock that blew My mind! I only stayed for 3 out of the 24hour-long movie but I swear it was the more ellaborate concept for a film Ive seen in ages. I was highly impressed!

Sadly, summer will be ending in a couple of weeks and I will be going back to school full time! (no worries pups, Ill still make time for you! ) I still have a few places and things I want to see before class is in session! this includes: the annenberg center of photography, cars and coffee, seeing the private viewing of bugatti collection in ventura, moca street art exhibit, queen mary, and devils drive in! only 3 weeks to squeeze all of this in! ack! I will also be going to a couple of concerts at the hollywood bowl soon! cant wait to brag about it to you later! 

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Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a grear birthday tomorrow!

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