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Home Sweet Home!!!

So I decided to spent the better part of My time off school durring the summer at My beach house or traveling. in 2 weeks Ill be going somewhere Ive never been!  saw some really good bands this week with some of My friends including Gracious Calamity, Caught A Ghost, and Jameson at a speak easy! so much fun!

I also went on a date with a Domme that I met at footnight (see previous blog). it was a blast! she and I went to the rainbow room and sams to enjoy the company of some strippers. :) it was so awesome to see all the men drooling and slipping on their slobber as they stare at us gorgeous women be affectionate to each other.

Me and My new girlfriend <3 and we are better than you ;)

starting some creative projects wont tell you too much about it but some of you may know Ive had a colorful life, I can write well, and I can sing! thats all you get! dont get too ahead of Me!

just had some camera fun after writing this in My PJs. ok back to sleep! 

So Serious!!!

So smiley! 


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