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bad news :( ***UPDATED!***

Ive been out of the hospital for about a week now and I just wanted to let you know what happened. there are two theories to explain why I ended up in the hospital. either My intestines got an infection and shut down My kidneys or My kidneys got an infection and My intestines shut down. with a steady stream of antibiotics in My IV for ten days in the hospital, I came out good as new! trust Me, when youre stuck in a room all day with only phone access to the internet  and basic cable, all of your comments and messages were one of the only things to get Me by through the long days. that and morphine. Smile 
so heres a HUGE thank you to all of you that sent Me messages!I was completely moved by all of you Dommes and subs that went out of your way to write to Me. all of you are so wonderful and have a special place in My heart. 
Miss Jenna Brooke- especially for the heart to heart and the web page dedication
Potent Pinup 
Lorelie Lee 
Miss Rose 
Miss Ava June 
sub rob 
Goddess Janie 
Mz Fee 
Lady K 
Mistress Rose23 
Goddess Marley 
Ms Mayhem 
Goddess Leah 
Ebony Goddess Amber 
The Ultimate Cash Princess 
Deviant Bitch 
Goddess Cnastee 
and last but not least Exotica PK. 

thank you for so many wonderful messages! My grandmothers funeral was sad but she did live a long life and am so glad to not see her suffering any longer. she is in a better place. also My moms husband is recovering from his heart attack just fine but he is not allowed to drive for 4 months because his cardiologist said so Unhappy 

other than that there is good news! I got a beautiful car! convertible just like a sexy california girl deserves! planning all My road trips already! 

My real time slaves are doing so much to help Me too with errands and gifts :) they make Me smile those little stinkers!!! lol

I have a few tricks up My sleeve to tell you about in a week though. cant wait to surprise you!



In regaurds to what I wrote on June 16 2011

" just letting all of you know that I have been on the hospital since monday when I walked in the urgent care with a 104.2 fever. I do not know when I will be released. the doctors have detected an infection in My intestines and in My kidneys and toxins in My blood but do not know exactly what the reason is that is creating all of this. I will be seeing a infectious deseases specialist tomorrow because the internal medicine specialist have no idea whats going on with Me. to be honest Im really scared because Ive already been here for so long and have had so many test and they still dont know whats wrong. I feel really sorry for My mom too because at 3pm (the moment I was rushed to the hospital) My grandmother died. the day after my step dad (her husband) was so stressed about everything that he had a heart attack. so My mom hasnt been able to leave utah to see Me because shes with her husband then has to go to her mothers funeral so she wont be able to see me until tuesday. I feel bad about My grandmother too and find it super creepy that I got sick the exact minute she passed away. Im gonna miss her. her and I were so close and I dont think I will be able to go to her funeral because I will be here in the hospital.
just wanted to let you guys know what was going on (and if you saw My twitter then Im sure you know already). on a good note. I am on some good drugs and great care. these nurses are really helpful and I have My own soom with a pretty view. My friends are coming over and bringing flowers and making Me laugh. reminding Me of how the little things can mean so much.

please keep Me in your prayers


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*sends You lots of love, hugs, and positive and healing vibes*

ZOMG! I will keep you in my prayers and wish for a speedy recovery. Be well.


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