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this month in Jupiter

So I thought it has been a while since I payed you any attention. Ive been really busy with life and not youre gonna catch up with all that ive been up to! J



Well as far as school goes. I worked My ass off studying for 2 exams that were back to back in the same day. I am pleased to know that I got an A in one and a B in the other. Club rush week was so much fun! I joined a Filipino club (as you know, Im half) and I got to represent with My sorority hoodie (supers cute!) so I can make all the other girls know that theyre talking to Uni-Royalty!

 Which reminds Me of a story Im sure you puppies would live to hear! some little pervert from a class of mine caught wind of how I live off My little slaves and went up to Me to ask if the rumors were true (about 4 hours ago). He was so nervous that he could barely get a couple sentences out. It took but only ten minutes for Me to notice as I glanced down at his slacks that a little bit of cum was seeping through his pants! Right in front of Me! Poor boy couldn’t contain himself while I was telling him stories of My recent real time sessions with some of you reading this!

So one of My most loyal was curious what a night out partying with Me would be like. So I decided to make his dreams come true! I gave him a dress code and have him sent pics of himself to Me so he wouldn’t embarrass Me when we are out on the town. I started at My most favorite place: the Edison bar! Was so much fun just showing him all the design and restoration of the whole place! Then I decided that we were going to have dinner there. So we ordered some tummy truffled macaroni and 2 year aged cheddar along with some other stuff that wasn’t as exciting and also had some cocktails! After a couple of hours, I got bored and took him to another one of My favorite local hot spots: jumbos clown room! This was such a fun place for Me to just let loose and get wild with some good music and a IPA in hand while watching some great burlesque dancers spin on the pole! It was a night I know hell never forget!


Not every night is always that wild. I took some time also this month to nourish My nerdy side and say the LA chamber perform at Royce Hall. This was a performance unlike any other. Not only was it featuring some amazing musical talent, there was also a neurologist that did a lecture on Shumanns mental illness and how it impacted his genius creativity. It was a treat especially for Me because one of My favorite topics to read is neurology. I think they should do this for every classical composer in every performance now! Once you understand what he was going through biologically and psychologically, you see the music from a whole new light! I was far more moved when I learned all that he went through and how you could see him speaking to you from every symphony he composed! Abstract! Remarkable! Well worth the $100 that My English slave N.R. spent getting it for Me. All My smiles that night were because of him!


Another prospective slave decided to take Me out for a beauty day! And it was wonderful! I started off with going to a hair salon which was something I was in desperate need in! I got My hangs redone and My hair trimmed and a conditioning treatment!


Shortly after I walked across the street to go to a new nail salon the hair stylist recommended Me to. This place surpassed My expectations!!! J within minutes I was getting My nails done sipping on champagne and surfing the web on My complimentary net book that was built in to the spa seat! Not only did I get candy colored nails, I got drunk! Lol this place is gonna be My new lounge sanctuary for pampering from here on out!

This was all made possible by S.W. one of My newest so-cal slaves! After that I met him in Pasadena for Italian and some conversation and I also snuck a pair of My socks in his coat pocket when he wasn’t looking so hed be pleasantly surprised the day after. Apparently, I loved his surprise because the next morning I received a phone call that there were flowers waiting for My at My door along with a pair of new socks to replace the ones a gave him PLUS 500 dollars!

as far as things going on in the future plans, Im going to a few concerts and planning a couple of trips for spring break and one also in the summer so far. Im even thinking about hitting up burning man! I also look forward giving you the opportunity to let you become a part of My happieness. I dont think there could be anything better than looking at My smile and knowing that you have absolutely everything to do with it!


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