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My VDay and More!

so My Vday week has been crazy! I had to start My spring classes just 2 days after finishing My neuro science class that I had for winter semester. for those of you wondering, to My suprise I recieved an A! glad all the hard work paid off! I did take some time to relax though! I met up with some friends to go to the jacuzzi and have some wine! :)

I recieved a cute lace romper from a sub in the mail this week which inspired one thing for Me: PHOTOSHOOT! :P
heres a couple of pics from the photoshoot

most of My weekend was spend relaxing at the my beach house in redondo. I went to the beach and made it half way through the book In Fifty Years We'll all be Chicks. Ill be doing a little video on the review soon. and I took a walk to the town area and had some mango, strawberry and banana crepes! so yummy! I also spent my time catching up on my Lost episodes.I made it in to season 4 so far.

heres a screen shot from a cam chat session I had in My beach house--- keep drooling! 

most of you little subbies know My love for french new wave cinema. so I couldnt say no to going to a screening of jules and jim! such a funny movie and the ending was rather unexpected! I really think that cathrine harnessed the power of being a woman to control jules and jim so strongly and they had no real idea. it was amusing to see how she just saw their emotions as her favorite toys! I feel like I have something in common with her magnetic spirit. just look at how she is compleately in control of her puppys.

when I got back from the beach house I gound some wonderful Valentines Day gifts here at My doorstep! :)

I did get some tributes and cards too! these slaves send Me some gits that really made My day
they really loved My little Vday gifts I made for them too! A Jupiter wall calendar! :)

let this serve as a little in$piration for you!


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