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what does a smart Domme do with her amazon gift cards?

I took a chance to nerd out with an amazon gift card I got last week and it all came this morning!
book list of this week:
ABC's of sex
Best of Roald Dahl
Akward Family Pictures
In 50 years We'll All be Chicks- Adam Carolla
Writers Prose
All About Me
Quotable Intellectual
Stuff You Should Have Learned by Highschool


AND I recived such a lovely card from a slave this morning. it was such a beautiful letter . he wrote so much that he even had to write on the back of the card! Im gonna have a great time spending his money! ;) this little slave of mine was a good boy and took a lesson from the other slave that mailed Me a tribute and a card last week and posted on live journal. you see??? not so hard! these are the kind of slaves that I am so proud to own and share My life with. these are the kind of slaves that get sweet little goodies of pleasure and pain I dream up. these are the slaves that keep Me here smiling and happy each day. day after day they go out of their way to save and make sacrafices needed to devote their life to Me just so I can spend and glow with My warmth and beauty and express My creativity to the people I come arcoss and in My photography, violin, films, stories, poetry, performance. those slaves are a witness to all the wonder so much that I am their home. I am their everything

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Love your pics! You in glasses on the bed (Hot), and this one above with money strategically placed. (Funny)
I'd like reviews of the books too.

Thank you for letting me read Your Live Journal. i very much appreciate how nicely you have written here about what you like in Your slaves!

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