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Dont Be Like him!!!
This moron that I have owned for about a year has been slipping up on Me with tributes. what is so hard about tributing? AM I REACHING FOR THE FUCKING STARS? is it so hard for you to get your hand off your filthy cock for a second to pull out your credit card? some of you subs like all men out there take kind little gestures I make for granted. clearly I have spoiled you little fucks far too much ~ so I am tightening the leash! all of you who have not tributed will be automatically BLOCKED. not deleted or ignored- BLOCKED and you will never have a chance to serve Me again. if you are new and you are not prepared to tribute, you too will be blocked! why? because Im smart, beautiful and have so much to offer to the right subs out there. I fucking run this not you. I know what I deserve AND I WILL NOT COMPROMISE MYSELF. secondly, if you are one of those fucktwits that like to lie, waste My time, bullshit Me, or negotiate, you will be fucking blocked and put on the universal black list. yes, there is one. some of you probably seen it and I will gladly give you the link when I post your name, yahoo ID, and home address on it. I WILL also report you to the admins and you will be banned from those sites. I have done this before more times than I can count on both hands. If youre a serious and experienced slave, tributing is nothing new to you and you will obey Me and you will have nothing to worry about. smart subs understand that if they listen to Me things run much more smoothly. news flash: I am no amateur and I am no insta-domme just in it for the quick cash. I have done this for 4 years (full time) so I expect REAL slaves. 

 I am no charity and I have NOTHING to lose!


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