This is...
This is not meat or drink, slumber or sleep. Nor roof against the rain. This is not a company greeting. Not happy holidays. Not an ecard. Not for everyone on the list. This is not red and green. This is not nat cole and sleigh bells and cash register ringing. YOU ARE MINE (whatever that is). you are lonely, but most of all, you can give. and one day you will seep through the asphalts crooked cracks. so i would like to touch your face with the soft side of My hand.This is the great awakening. This is morning crust in your eye. This is an open ended question. What else is possible? This is loud and pumping hearts, the break beat laughter of a monk. This is evolution . This is you and me, slicing ourselves open to see what we’re capable of.I am all you've ever needed.

What I Know
I know you been keeping a close eye on Me

and that's why you keep looking at My profile and go though all My pictures and replay all My


I know you press your ear against a violin in search for traces of My voice.

you return to Me because you know you want to worship Me such open surrender

until I extinguish your fire with fire

and make sense of your scrambled significance- with My smile

you want Me to mermaid in your psyche until your all shells.

so heres your chance:

what I want you to do for this moment

is to drop everything you are doing this very second and just think of nothing else but Me

I know you've been thinking of Me, that's why you're here, hanging of every last. word. I . type.

You can't get enough of Me, that is why you return to Me, every week, every day, and before

you realize it,

every hour

you will be checking back here to feed your addiction for the one and only Goddess Jupiter!

By now you are breathing heavy, your heart is beating, racing, your most tender parts are hard

and throbbing, pulsing...

Eventually you wont even be consciously aware of how you've become so addicted, so

enamored, so intoxicated by my perfectious splendor that you will find yourself in class, at work,

with your wife... lusting, thinking, dreaming of nothing but your Goddess Jupiter.

I know all about your little lusts, and kinks, but take comfort, you will find solace and refuge in


I will cradle that little thing you call lust until thinking of Me becomes as frequent as an exhale-

so breathe Me in.

Yet before you even realize it, as quickly as you blink your eyes in sheer amazement of my

divine beauty, just so quickly will you become completely addicted to me, so smitten with My

every move. You are MINE, and you are enveloped in my light and luster!

So, My little admirers and pets, this is the day you finally find your place in the universe, in MY

universe. You have found your purpose and that is your Goddess Jupiter. You will beg Me, you

will worship Me, and you will thank Me for My unmatched grace. This is the very moment you

will look back upon and know, this is when you found your purpose, when you fell down the

downward spiral of pleasure and pain. This is the first step on the journey where pleasing Me IS

pleasing you. When you wake tomorrow, from your dreams of Me (you lay in bed tossing and

turning like a door on its hinges), you will find yourself back here, hoping to find out where I will

take that little thing You call life to next...

knowing I am the drug you found home in.

this is roy
his pic will be up soon if he doesnt follow directions

wow! how long has it been since Ive had a proper update! oh my! time to catch up!
there has been so much going on since my birthday which was keeping my from staying on here long enough to post something on here for you voyers ;)

Ill start from my birthday then the further you scroll down the more current this post will be :)

the weekend after My birthday, I went to the fall annual artwalk at the brewery! this is something that I look forward to every year! such a well worth thing to do! this thing takes place at an abandoned brewery that was reopened as an art colony decades later. this place was wonderful! every room open to Me to buy art directly from the homes of the artistthe art colony also has a beer garden which was real nice to relax and talk to some of the like-minded.  I bought some jewlery, including, a charm braclette made by mexican tarot cards. so love it! :)

in an effort to end the last of My birthday celebrations right, I ended up seeing adam carolla do his podcast live! it was sooooo much fun! the only thing I wasnt in favor is that it was at the jon lovits comedy club in universal citywalk. the vibe there is so ultra commercial and tasteless. I was able to deal with it long enough to get to inside of the club and enjoy Myself. this is something I can really see Myself doing on the regular! for reals! what a fun thing to do on My thursday night!

I wanted to take a quick second to tell you about a guy that would just not leave Me alone at starbucks in beverly hills! I was just having My morning coffee and trying out the cheese plate for the first time and this guy would just keep starring at Me! I wasnt sure if he recognized Me from My journal or online profile but it was just so out of hand and distracting, it made Me feel uncomfortable. 20 minutes after I took this pic and he kept up his poor behavior, I had him escorted out of the cafe. big thanx to starbucks staff!

brought water to the Occupy LA protesters. they just so happened to run out of water that exact moment. funny how this lady put her hands on my head and said my energy core is connected to the source of peace. :P
this was a tiny step and gesture on My part but it bloomed in to something far more.

one week later, I was putting together a small charity effort together in order to solve a problem only I thought I could see. when I was there the week before, I saw that there were so many dogs there without actual dog food. so I asked My subs to donate money to get ALL the dogs at the occupy la camp what they needed. with the subs tributes, I was able to get 2 days of water, one week of food, a collar, a leash, a water bowl, a food bowl, a bag or treats, and a handful of doggie bags.  FOR 30 DOGS!!! that means ALL the dogs in the entire camp!

everyone was so happy to get all the goodies for their dogs since their dogs were just eating compost off of paper plates. it felt really good to give back to the cause too! 

holloween was so much fun! I I got tickets to the kcrw party. I had a really sexy ring leader costume last year so this year I did something completely opposite. I just wanted something silly. in My best most accurate tip of the hat to My los angeles roots, I dressed up as a chola! the funny thing was that the kcrw was being hosted in mac aurther park so with My chola look I just blended in with the rest of the neighborhood lol. really loved rocking out in the ballroom to henry rollins and watching the bronx perform in marriachi style and last but not least watching dengue fever!

last year

this year

heres more pics from the kcrw holloween party


I went to go see the los angeles chamber again for bachs birthday! so much fun to celebrate every year! being a violinist for 12 years, I love to sit and watch the best and brightest musicians of our time play the music of a genius of all time! sadly, I didnt get to see My favorite song being performed that night which is partida in D, but I did get to see similar baroque era sonatas. :)

heres My favorite bach piece

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

so I had 2 really hot real time sessions I can think about right now that stuck out for Me this winter. the first one was my little perv at law from so cal who drove up 3 hours to see Me in downtown. first we saw a movie, then we had dinner at nokia live at My favorite place there called Katsuya. I had so many different kinds of sushi- all put on his black card, of course. My top recommends there are the rock shrimp sushi and the chicken salad with plum sauce! yum! afterwards, we had drinks at the marriott. there something about that place that makes Me feel like Im in vegas. lol

the thing that I get excited about every year came by... the los angeles auto expo!!!
holy christ almighty! so many cars and not enough time! its kinda hard being a girl and knowing more than most of the boys do about cars so most of the year I just feel like Im talking to a bunch of confused faces. not la auto expo day! there is so much to be excited about this particular day. I mean, if you hate the whole idea at looking at a buncha cars, theres so much technological innovation for green energy. not to mention, the girls! I had the chance to chat up a morgan girl about how cute her outift was paired with her shiney knee high white gogo boots. the thing I was wild about is that the green energy is amazing but takes up so much of the innovation factor of the cars and I felt almost as if it can cheapen the event itself. I really liked seeing the mc claren, austin martins, and audis. yes there were porches, but Im all about understated beauty and charm. although I can appreciate the engineering that went in to lambos, mazarati, and porches but I find them to be too brash. the most amusing junk food section of the whole thing is the mods in the basement. tacky, tasteless, but executed with so much passion! I cant help but laugh at the awesomeness of the flashy lowriders with 8 screens in the trunk for no reason or the cheap looking models that look like they just got off the pole somewhere in van nuys. pretty amazing stuff!

one of My subs really took good care of Me recently by giving Me 700$ plus the keys to his loft for a week, his netflix account, use of his land rover, and his la bites account! wow! what a week! he was in pittsburg and new york since he owns his own business. I felt like sucha princess! so great! I I had the yummiest meals every day, while watching great movies, I hosted 2 parties and my best friends came over, I even had a slave some over to clean the house after the party while I slept! :) oh and the view... killer! another nice touch was the roof top steam room/dry sauna/ and jacuzzi! and yes, I did wear his tshirts to sleep. I kept one of them though. oh and he said he still hasnt washed the sheets. lol another nice thing he did was when he came back, he took Me across the street to mortons to talk about his trip with Me. the dinner ended up being about 700$ - apparently thats how much it takes to have the best steak of your life! and the 300$ wine wasnt half bad either!

last but not least it was My best friend since the 6th grades birthday! Ill let the photos speak for themselves.

(no subject)
just thought Id add a little letter I received yesterday from a sub that made a dumb move in trying to leave Me. that leave totaled 30 minutes before he was back begging to tribute. now I call this a dumb move because when subs do something like that, I don't try to convince them to stay, I let them fall. why? because subs that are not smart enough to know whats good for them shouldn't be My potential slave, that's why.
that being said, heres the letter and it really made Me proud of him. enjoy.
Miss Jupiter,
i created this new yahoo in order to remove myself from that old one that has all the distractions and past mistakes.
You asked me to right what it is feeling like to begin my service to You.
When You presented the reality of You removing Yourself from my life with no chance of being a part of it an intense panic overcame me and i finally realized how real and meaningful my attraction to Your power is within me.  At that moment i just could not let that happen and i had to take action and therefore sent tribute and started confessing my stupidity of trying to resist my natural place under You.  It felt amazing to give You the money You definitely deserve.  As i was chatting with You i just kept feeling myself overcome with heart racing and the feeling You were entering my blood and coursing through me.  i read Your latest poem and it was speaking right to me as it clearly pierced my feelings that being apart from You is an aching misery.
You have a high intelligence level combined with amazing creativity and i am spell bound by Your words as much as Your obvious beauty.  Your smile and eyes captured my body and mind immediately last night and i felt my place at Your feet.  i love how You in just a night shirt and no makeup can stir me in more powerful ways than any cam girl all made up :)
 i need Your guidance and control as i know this world is Yours and i have a place in it if i can only be obedient and vulnerable to what You have planned for me.  i want to be a source of happiness, fun, and comfort to You as we build a real and meaningful bond that most can only dream about.
i can't wait to learn as much as i can about You and Your tastes, likes and all while sharing and opening myself up like never before.
Thank You so much for giving me the little push last night!
heres some clips from when I was on video chat with him. playing with a Paul Smith bunny that another slave got for Me while My stay in london.

let Me tell you about you.

You offer Me your seat.

Ill show you the sun and fire.

You want to walk and run to My latitude.

You want to search and find Me alone.

You want to caress Me to sleep and

Ill dream for the both of U/us.

You want to share your secrets and sighs.

you want to learn to understand the world with Me.

I know...

It's not easy being so far away from Me

Because I cause a stir in you.

I curl your skin

Every part of My being

will nourish your own good

you can share your life with Me.

Again you breathe

And you start to shiver

Every step you take

Affirms your love

I know

you want to sleep in my eyes

seeking to shed your voice for My ears

find Me wings 

so I can fly

but one thing you must say

It's not easy being so far away from Me

because I make you happy.

now, smile.


its here! the most wonderful time of the year! My BIRTHDAY!!! its practically a one month celebration! its not My fault. it just naturally happends. everyone wants their own weekend with Me so that they can take Me out to get wildly drunk and celebrate the day of My existence! so this is how it went (starting from most recent)! last weekend had to have been My favorite! I organized a dinner for My closet friends to meet Me in long beach at one of My favorite places to get greek food called Ambrosia! there was such good champange and pita with lamb and hummus! yummy! I love My girls! they are so snobby! I dont even think they realize how bitchy they are until I ask them if they left their bitch filter at home. :D after dinner the waitress asked if there was anything w/we had in mind for desert. one of My friends said "can  she get some complimentary baklava?" the waitress asked "well do you have the free baklava yelp coupon?" My other friend snapped "No. we dont do coupons but todays her birthday so Im sure you can run back to the register and make it a coupon." hahaha poor waitress.

after that, we headed down to the Bliss Spa for My pedicure party! :) very excited about this! what a great idea that was! since we had baklava, we ended up cutting it close to the pedicure party. the receptionist saw all of us walking through the door and said "ahhhh you must be the pedicure party! since you guys were really really late we had to have some of the manicurist take care of walk ins so youre going to have to wait." she obviously didnt have any clue who I or my friends were but we let her know fast. now, if youve met Me, youd know that I dont yell. I dont think I should ever be in a situation where i have to raise My voice. now I said I dont raise My voice, but I never said My friends wouldnt raise their own voices for Me. since their bitch filter was off, once of My girls decided it was a really good time to have a little debate with the receptionist (who probably spend a good 15 minutes crying over her masters degree in the morning). so this is how the yelling match went:
friend: well we were like 10 minutes late so I dont think that was really REALLY late.
receptionist: well actually you were about 20 minutes late.

friend: well its not like Im employed here. this is a spa, a place to relax on our day off so I dont think that 20 minutes is really really late.

receptionist: well you guys are going to have to wait until we can get a few extra manicurist.

friend #2: how long exactly?

receptionist: about 10 minutes.

friend #3: well if twenty minutes is a really REALLY long time. than I guess waiting ten minutes mean that we have to wait a REALLY long time.

friend #4 or we can go across the street and not wait at all. Im sure theyd be glad to take a whole pedicure party group.

receptionist: no that wont be necessary I think theyre finishing up right now.

thats when the manager came by and apologized and jokingly said "dont worry, the receptionist wont be touching your nails." and quickly sat us down. :) 
 heres a pic of Me and My besties matching pedicures! *Im on the bottom left*

After the pedicures, we had to get some cute outfits to match our new pedicures!  Got more than just the cute outfit. decided why stop at one dress? so I got 3! hours went by and it quickly became night time. we headed to a screening called Queer Porn Film Fest! it was super hot! we got to see 2 hours of different porn scenes including transgender people having sex and guys with really small cocks putting on strap-ons then fuck gay guys in the ass. some bondage... you know the usual ;P

once our nails dried, we quickly headed towards the Queer Porn after party near by and the host of the bar bought Me a drink in honor of My birthday! :) Im sure she would have had no problem charging Me but she knew better than that! we ran in to some mutual friends fro a booze cruise I went to last year and exchanged info and caught up on each others lives.

4 glasses of white wine later, we realized that we were way to drunk to drive and then decided that we would watch disney films and have a slumber party. so as soon as the taxi dropped us off at My friends apartment, she gave Me some PJs to wiggle in to and watched the jungle book until we fell asleep. the sent of pancakes woke Me up in the morning! yum1 pancakes with crushed walnuts! My favorite! all and all, a wonderful night!


I came home to some cute cards and gifts. My top 3 are from matt, RL, and stalker#1

wow the year goes by so fast! within this year I have come to know so many of you subbies that have given and continue to give me so many great memories and for that I am greatful! I dont know if any of you slaves that serve Me ever realize that in the morning when I log in to My yahoo and email and see a tribute, a purchased gift, or an offline message about how you are adoring My pictures or reading My blog - does it ever come across your mind that My first early morning smiles and thoughts is a result of your continued worship? I love the impact you make on My life and the impact I make on your life in return. its such a magnificent little system.

Last week blake thought it would be fun to have a little of our favorite play time together at his home in the hollywood hills! this place has a wonderful view of universal studios! plus he makes an amazing cocktail he named after Me. I showed up late at night and he had all My favorite tools already at his place. A minitorch, 4 different kinds of lighters, a pack of ciggs, hand santizer, rubbing alcohol, whiskey, lighter fluid, birthday candles, toilette paper, popsicle sticks, and rope. we had some drinks and had a long chat about how My plans with schools are going and how some of My friends he met are, and he told Me about his recent trips and work. after about an hour I ordered him to undress. I tied him to the bed, and lit his balls on fire. litterally. for an hour. My favorite thing was using a mini torch on him and hand sanatizer. it burns very nicely. not too wild and it lingers without running all over the way lighter fluid does. I also took a large cock ring to him and filled the gap with birthday candles until it was snugg and lit up the candles and made him sing happy birthday to Me. sometimes its really fun to blind told him so that he can trust Me more. hes one of My favorites because the energy between us is highly sensual and theres this mutual respect between us which braids a lovely bond.
as an extra goody to My bday gift, he gave Me a bit extra tribute and I left his place with My mind in such a buzz and 500$.

Miss Petra Jade gave Me a wonderful gift for My birthday. since she has her own day spa that she runs called Angle Face, she decided to give Me a complimentary facial, personally!

I spent a thursday night with one of My subs who drives all the way from san diego to see Me. He took Me to Mi Piazzo in Old Town Pasadena and had drinks at a near by bar. I entertained him with silly stories and then we went to his hotel which was practically across the street and had a little age play fun. hes such a naughty little boy that cant keep his hands off his daddys playboys. tisk tisk! he had work in the morning so we ended the night early and I was home by 11pm in My pajamas dreaming naughtiness with 400 in My wallet.

on the day of My birthday, I went to the hellokitty dodger day! what can be better than a day of hello kitty and getting drunk in the afternoon? nothing! hee hee :) the best thing was that I got a hello kitty crown, a hellokitty plush dressed as a Dodger player and a dodger jersey! 

I spent the rest of the week watching My very favorite adam carolla show live and  saw the decemberist perform at the greek theater and indulged in My roots at the fillipino festival.

I wanted to take a moment to mention a sub of mind who has been misbehaving. this boy signed up for blackmail about a year ago. typically he behaves well then suddenly takes off and then comes back in a few weeks. well he did that again and it just hit My nerves the wrong way. since I had all his blackmail information I figured why not make use of it! :) this is he has a bit of a foot fetish. he also likes to be forced to wear his girlfriends undies and bra while fucking himself on cam. his real name is XXXXXXX XXXXXX. his email is his address is XXXX XXXXXX-XXXXX, XX XXXXX- United States.
heres some pics of him :

now XXXXXXX, you see Im serious now? yes, this does show up on google. go google you name and see for yourself. see that Im not fucking around? thought so.

now back to the rest of My life. the end of My summer was so much fun! it was like a massive art binge! A sub of mine got Me a black card membership to cinefamily in order to make sure I get My fix of vintage cinema! My most recent binge was on gainsbourgs french pop films he made in the 60s. I remember a man told Me years ago that he thought I looked similar to bridget bardot. I didnt agree with him until I saw this clip.
*click click*

I took some time to go to LACMA to check out the Tim Burton Exhibit! it was amazing! I went on a members invite only day because I heard it was really crowded. tim burton saved every single thing since he could put a pen to paper. It was  intersting to see some major transformations in his style yet still having some consistent themes. it was also fascinating to see that even a genius like tim burton still had to face rejection and bust his ass for ten years before really establishing himself in the film industry. I was unable to take pics inside but I did take pics outside of the exhibit.

My second favorite exhibit I saw durring the summer was the MOCA street art exhibit! it felt like I was in a completely other world.

the end of summer means the last of cinespia until april. awww Im gonna miss it! I saw psycho, It happened one night and spinal tap. its also a fun place to take silly pics!

My other 2 highlights of the end of summer is My night at the hollywood bowl watching some amazing spanish guitarist accompanied by the los angeles phil harmonic! I dont think Ive ever sat so close! there was also an amazing fire work show too. and the cherry on top was that Matt bought Me the pokadot dress I wore to the show. Ill try to get a pic of it up on here asap!
last but not least!  the orange county fair was also pretty amazing! I got to feed goats and ride elephants and of course, try all the crazy fried food they have. no, I didnt have the fried butter but I did have the fried avocado and ribs. the funny part was that with all the crazy variety of fried food, the best thing there was the rosted corn! so yummy I had 2 of them! :)
NOM NOM NOM! I also watched a pie eating contest and tractor pulling. I was really sad to see the meat rabbits :( no one should eat rabbits. Im not against eating meat. Im just against eating adorable animals. rabbits are too adorable.

there has been lots of play amiss! things have felt like... magic! 
I met a real time slave who came to My beach house with Me for a private not so average play day. we went to the pier and played in what I like to call the worlds creepiest arcade. I beat him at every game- unless he was just smart and let Me win- lol. we went to a restaurant that was on the pier where I ordered for him a modestly priced dish and I got the mutha fuckin surf AND turf!!! :P dont worry I fed him some yummies off of My plate. :) the high point of the night for Me was when we went to watch the sunset and I burried him in the sand all the way down to his neck and left him there to get Myself a churro. then I came back, I told him I got him one too but put pieces of the churro on and around his head and watched the seagulls have their way with him while I laughed. I can be so wicked some times!  then after that we went to a bar on the opposite end of the pier so he could watch Me sing at the open mic night! felt really bluesy that night so I was singing so much addel. tired from the whole day I invited him back to the beach house for some down time. we watched movies and I had him make Me a bubble bath and scrub Me down then dry Me off. after that he thought he was ready to go home. to his surprise I told him that was not the case. he was to sleep in the balcony of the beach house until the morning. he seemed a bit nervous and full of needless questions like "what if I need to go to the bathroom?" silly boy. hold it! hahaha the next morning I found him already awake and ready to be let in. before he left I made sure that he massaged My Lush milk and honey bar in to My shoulders, thighs, legs and feet. I also made a checklist with house chores for him which included making Me an spinach omlette and chopped fruit shaped in to hearts. once he left with the biggest smile on his face, I had a clean house, body feeling good, and a yummy breakfast. oh and I forgot to mention... $5000- My biggest tribute yet!
*more photos of the tribute on My twitter acct.
I decided after driving My car for sometime that it was not for Me. plus I had some concerns that if the car rolled over I would be screwed. I was practically an ant on the road compared to all the sedans and SUVs on the 405. so I traded in My car for a newer one. 
this feels so perfect!

Ive only in this pass week actually had time to enjoy My new car because I was in the wonderful chicago! I didnt really have very many plans as far as what I would do but I wasnt afraid! I had the 5k to slurge on and beautiful loft that was all for Me for the next 5 days!
the first night I went to have sushi and a raw fish boat and spent the day relaxing! it was soooo yummy! my favorite place I went was for drinks at the violet hour which is a speak easy! I jokingly told the waiter that I didnt know they relocated the set of twilight in the heart of chicago! I continued the rest of the night with a burlesque show. the day after was soooo hot but I thought Id check out the bean and also check out the very raunchy chicago sketch group called dirty sanchez. reminded Me of some stuff I see in LA so it was very enjoyable. I had to go to bed early to be ready in the morning for my architectural boat tour! that had to be the best learning experience ever! I ended the night with watching the green mills slam poetry tournament and the famous chicago dogs at wiener circle! so hilarous there because the lady at the counter forced this random guy to pay for My meal because he was standing next to Me. she told him "dont be a broke ass mutha fucka if you gonna be standin next to pretty bitches. so hurry the fuck up and pay already because its fuckin hot in here!" needless to say I got the full weiner circle experience! 
here are some pics from My trip!
the living room of My loft!
soaked at millennium park!
outside the bean!
inside the bean!
at the architectural boat tour! ahoy!
*more on My twitter!
since Ive been back, I went with My girlfriend to footnight! we were so busy making out, I didnt really have time to do much of anything else. I did however while there meet up with a person who has booked Me to lecture a BDSM orientation with a PHD psycologist to discuss kink on the brain! ahhhh like My dream to take kink to a professional educational level! 
I lived out one thing I always dreamed of making happen was spending the night at a subs place while they were gone and using it as My own. this was a USC grad sub who was out on vacation in new york (durring the terrible heat wave!) while he was enduring the unbearable heat I was in his house having friends over and taking long bubble baths- even using his t-shirts as My PJS!  it was absolutely wonderful. and when he got home, he loved to see traces of Me all over the house. the lipstick on the mug. his clothes I lounged in durring the night that smell like Me. his bed I left unmade from sleeping there. it was a gorgeous loft with the best view of downtown los angeles. if only things this lovely would happen more often. it felt so good just being in his space and making it mine. I even rearranged the furniture! 

 I just saw the wonderful carla morrison perform her romantic spanish love ballads last week. I also went dancing salsa and the thing I was looking forward to this month was the screening of it happend one night at cinespia! I love watching Clark get bossy! and the dialogue is oh so clever!
it wouldnt have been the best summer without a trip to LACMA to look at the Tim Burton exhibit! what an amazing thing to see! it was almost as if Burton knew his entire life knew he was going to be famous someday because that guy saved every fucking thing he drew since he was 5 years old! there was also a genuis screening of The Clock that blew My mind! I only stayed for 3 out of the 24hour-long movie but I swear it was the more ellaborate concept for a film Ive seen in ages. I was highly impressed!

Sadly, summer will be ending in a couple of weeks and I will be going back to school full time! (no worries pups, Ill still make time for you! ) I still have a few places and things I want to see before class is in session! this includes: the annenberg center of photography, cars and coffee, seeing the private viewing of bugatti collection in ventura, moca street art exhibit, queen mary, and devils drive in! only 3 weeks to squeeze all of this in! ack! I will also be going to a couple of concerts at the hollywood bowl soon! cant wait to brag about it to you later! 

Home Sweet Home!!!

So I decided to spent the better part of My time off school durring the summer at My beach house or traveling. in 2 weeks Ill be going somewhere Ive never been!  saw some really good bands this week with some of My friends including Gracious Calamity, Caught A Ghost, and Jameson at a speak easy! so much fun!

I also went on a date with a Domme that I met at footnight (see previous blog). it was a blast! she and I went to the rainbow room and sams to enjoy the company of some strippers. :) it was so awesome to see all the men drooling and slipping on their slobber as they stare at us gorgeous women be affectionate to each other.

Me and My new girlfriend <3 and we are better than you ;)

starting some creative projects wont tell you too much about it but some of you may know Ive had a colorful life, I can write well, and I can sing! thats all you get! dont get too ahead of Me!

just had some camera fun after writing this in My PJs. ok back to sleep! 

So Serious!!!

So smiley! 

bad news :( ***UPDATED!***

Ive been out of the hospital for about a week now and I just wanted to let you know what happened. there are two theories to explain why I ended up in the hospital. either My intestines got an infection and shut down My kidneys or My kidneys got an infection and My intestines shut down. with a steady stream of antibiotics in My IV for ten days in the hospital, I came out good as new! trust Me, when youre stuck in a room all day with only phone access to the internet  and basic cable, all of your comments and messages were one of the only things to get Me by through the long days. that and morphine. Smile 
so heres a HUGE thank you to all of you that sent Me messages!I was completely moved by all of you Dommes and subs that went out of your way to write to Me. all of you are so wonderful and have a special place in My heart. 
Miss Jenna Brooke- especially for the heart to heart and the web page dedication
Potent Pinup 
Lorelie Lee 
Miss Rose 
Miss Ava June 
sub rob 
Goddess Janie 
Mz Fee 
Lady K 
Mistress Rose23 
Goddess Marley 
Ms Mayhem 
Goddess Leah 
Ebony Goddess Amber 
The Ultimate Cash Princess 
Deviant Bitch 
Goddess Cnastee 
and last but not least Exotica PK. 

thank you for so many wonderful messages! My grandmothers funeral was sad but she did live a long life and am so glad to not see her suffering any longer. she is in a better place. also My moms husband is recovering from his heart attack just fine but he is not allowed to drive for 4 months because his cardiologist said so Unhappy 

other than that there is good news! I got a beautiful car! convertible just like a sexy california girl deserves! planning all My road trips already! 

My real time slaves are doing so much to help Me too with errands and gifts :) they make Me smile those little stinkers!!! lol

I have a few tricks up My sleeve to tell you about in a week though. cant wait to surprise you!



In regaurds to what I wrote on June 16 2011

" just letting all of you know that I have been on the hospital since monday when I walked in the urgent care with a 104.2 fever. I do not know when I will be released. the doctors have detected an infection in My intestines and in My kidneys and toxins in My blood but do not know exactly what the reason is that is creating all of this. I will be seeing a infectious deseases specialist tomorrow because the internal medicine specialist have no idea whats going on with Me. to be honest Im really scared because Ive already been here for so long and have had so many test and they still dont know whats wrong. I feel really sorry for My mom too because at 3pm (the moment I was rushed to the hospital) My grandmother died. the day after my step dad (her husband) was so stressed about everything that he had a heart attack. so My mom hasnt been able to leave utah to see Me because shes with her husband then has to go to her mothers funeral so she wont be able to see me until tuesday. I feel bad about My grandmother too and find it super creepy that I got sick the exact minute she passed away. Im gonna miss her. her and I were so close and I dont think I will be able to go to her funeral because I will be here in the hospital.
just wanted to let you guys know what was going on (and if you saw My twitter then Im sure you know already). on a good note. I am on some good drugs and great care. these nurses are really helpful and I have My own soom with a pretty view. My friends are coming over and bringing flowers and making Me laugh. reminding Me of how the little things can mean so much.

please keep Me in your prayers


this month in Jupiter

So I thought it has been a while since I payed you any attention. Ive been really busy with life and not youre gonna catch up with all that ive been up to! J



Well as far as school goes. I worked My ass off studying for 2 exams that were back to back in the same day. I am pleased to know that I got an A in one and a B in the other. Club rush week was so much fun! I joined a Filipino club (as you know, Im half) and I got to represent with My sorority hoodie (supers cute!) so I can make all the other girls know that theyre talking to Uni-Royalty!

 Which reminds Me of a story Im sure you puppies would live to hear! some little pervert from a class of mine caught wind of how I live off My little slaves and went up to Me to ask if the rumors were true (about 4 hours ago). He was so nervous that he could barely get a couple sentences out. It took but only ten minutes for Me to notice as I glanced down at his slacks that a little bit of cum was seeping through his pants! Right in front of Me! Poor boy couldn’t contain himself while I was telling him stories of My recent real time sessions with some of you reading this!

So one of My most loyal was curious what a night out partying with Me would be like. So I decided to make his dreams come true! I gave him a dress code and have him sent pics of himself to Me so he wouldn’t embarrass Me when we are out on the town. I started at My most favorite place: the Edison bar! Was so much fun just showing him all the design and restoration of the whole place! Then I decided that we were going to have dinner there. So we ordered some tummy truffled macaroni and 2 year aged cheddar along with some other stuff that wasn’t as exciting and also had some cocktails! After a couple of hours, I got bored and took him to another one of My favorite local hot spots: jumbos clown room! This was such a fun place for Me to just let loose and get wild with some good music and a IPA in hand while watching some great burlesque dancers spin on the pole! It was a night I know hell never forget!


Not every night is always that wild. I took some time also this month to nourish My nerdy side and say the LA chamber perform at Royce Hall. This was a performance unlike any other. Not only was it featuring some amazing musical talent, there was also a neurologist that did a lecture on Shumanns mental illness and how it impacted his genius creativity. It was a treat especially for Me because one of My favorite topics to read is neurology. I think they should do this for every classical composer in every performance now! Once you understand what he was going through biologically and psychologically, you see the music from a whole new light! I was far more moved when I learned all that he went through and how you could see him speaking to you from every symphony he composed! Abstract! Remarkable! Well worth the $100 that My English slave N.R. spent getting it for Me. All My smiles that night were because of him!


Another prospective slave decided to take Me out for a beauty day! And it was wonderful! I started off with going to a hair salon which was something I was in desperate need in! I got My hangs redone and My hair trimmed and a conditioning treatment!


Shortly after I walked across the street to go to a new nail salon the hair stylist recommended Me to. This place surpassed My expectations!!! J within minutes I was getting My nails done sipping on champagne and surfing the web on My complimentary net book that was built in to the spa seat! Not only did I get candy colored nails, I got drunk! Lol this place is gonna be My new lounge sanctuary for pampering from here on out!

This was all made possible by S.W. one of My newest so-cal slaves! After that I met him in Pasadena for Italian and some conversation and I also snuck a pair of My socks in his coat pocket when he wasn’t looking so hed be pleasantly surprised the day after. Apparently, I loved his surprise because the next morning I received a phone call that there were flowers waiting for My at My door along with a pair of new socks to replace the ones a gave him PLUS 500 dollars!

as far as things going on in the future plans, Im going to a few concerts and planning a couple of trips for spring break and one also in the summer so far. Im even thinking about hitting up burning man! I also look forward giving you the opportunity to let you become a part of My happieness. I dont think there could be anything better than looking at My smile and knowing that you have absolutely everything to do with it!

My VDay and More!

so My Vday week has been crazy! I had to start My spring classes just 2 days after finishing My neuro science class that I had for winter semester. for those of you wondering, to My suprise I recieved an A! glad all the hard work paid off! I did take some time to relax though! I met up with some friends to go to the jacuzzi and have some wine! :)

I recieved a cute lace romper from a sub in the mail this week which inspired one thing for Me: PHOTOSHOOT! :P
heres a couple of pics from the photoshoot

most of My weekend was spend relaxing at the my beach house in redondo. I went to the beach and made it half way through the book In Fifty Years We'll all be Chicks. Ill be doing a little video on the review soon. and I took a walk to the town area and had some mango, strawberry and banana crepes! so yummy! I also spent my time catching up on my Lost episodes.I made it in to season 4 so far.

heres a screen shot from a cam chat session I had in My beach house--- keep drooling! 

most of you little subbies know My love for french new wave cinema. so I couldnt say no to going to a screening of jules and jim! such a funny movie and the ending was rather unexpected! I really think that cathrine harnessed the power of being a woman to control jules and jim so strongly and they had no real idea. it was amusing to see how she just saw their emotions as her favorite toys! I feel like I have something in common with her magnetic spirit. just look at how she is compleately in control of her puppys.

when I got back from the beach house I gound some wonderful Valentines Day gifts here at My doorstep! :)

I did get some tributes and cards too! these slaves send Me some gits that really made My day
they really loved My little Vday gifts I made for them too! A Jupiter wall calendar! :)

let this serve as a little in$piration for you!

what does a smart Domme do with her amazon gift cards?

I took a chance to nerd out with an amazon gift card I got last week and it all came this morning!
book list of this week:
ABC's of sex
Best of Roald Dahl
Akward Family Pictures
In 50 years We'll All be Chicks- Adam Carolla
Writers Prose
All About Me
Quotable Intellectual
Stuff You Should Have Learned by Highschool


AND I recived such a lovely card from a slave this morning. it was such a beautiful letter . he wrote so much that he even had to write on the back of the card! Im gonna have a great time spending his money! ;) this little slave of mine was a good boy and took a lesson from the other slave that mailed Me a tribute and a card last week and posted on live journal. you see??? not so hard! these are the kind of slaves that I am so proud to own and share My life with. these are the kind of slaves that get sweet little goodies of pleasure and pain I dream up. these are the slaves that keep Me here smiling and happy each day. day after day they go out of their way to save and make sacrafices needed to devote their life to Me just so I can spend and glow with My warmth and beauty and express My creativity to the people I come arcoss and in My photography, violin, films, stories, poetry, performance. those slaves are a witness to all the wonder so much that I am their home. I am their everything

Dont Be Like him!!!
This moron that I have owned for about a year has been slipping up on Me with tributes. what is so hard about tributing? AM I REACHING FOR THE FUCKING STARS? is it so hard for you to get your hand off your filthy cock for a second to pull out your credit card? some of you subs like all men out there take kind little gestures I make for granted. clearly I have spoiled you little fucks far too much ~ so I am tightening the leash! all of you who have not tributed will be automatically BLOCKED. not deleted or ignored- BLOCKED and you will never have a chance to serve Me again. if you are new and you are not prepared to tribute, you too will be blocked! why? because Im smart, beautiful and have so much to offer to the right subs out there. I fucking run this not you. I know what I deserve AND I WILL NOT COMPROMISE MYSELF. secondly, if you are one of those fucktwits that like to lie, waste My time, bullshit Me, or negotiate, you will be fucking blocked and put on the universal black list. yes, there is one. some of you probably seen it and I will gladly give you the link when I post your name, yahoo ID, and home address on it. I WILL also report you to the admins and you will be banned from those sites. I have done this before more times than I can count on both hands. If youre a serious and experienced slave, tributing is nothing new to you and you will obey Me and you will have nothing to worry about. smart subs understand that if they listen to Me things run much more smoothly. news flash: I am no amateur and I am no insta-domme just in it for the quick cash. I have done this for 4 years (full time) so I expect REAL slaves. 

 I am no charity and I have NOTHING to lose!

*YAWN* oooOOOOooo!!!

so I just woke up and get the mail since no one was arond to do that for Me  ^_^
what did I find? I found some cute sandals that a subbie (known on LJ as Lost on Jupiter) got Me from My wishlist
And the exclusive hello kitty parfume
And some goodies from victoria secret (kept private- keep deaming creeps!)
gonna wear all of this out tonight to make sure I feel extra sexy.
All this gear makes Me feel like the BOSS!


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